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Since was created the big commercial areas, or different kinds of supermarkets occupying large areas, more and more often you come across the mysterious names, not telling us anything, and sounding beautiful and wonderful. Looking manufacturer usually come across a clearly marked "made for" - and here falls the name of a particular network. A much smaller scribbles place in the side is written next few words: production plant XYZ in place Q. What does this really mean for us as buyers? Well, a lot, and not always well.

In sequence:

  • full responsibility for the quality of the product itself bear market (of course, with our (buyer's) point of view
  • that the specific good was produced by the plant known in the industry for us means nothing, or almost nothing, because the recipe mode of production corresponding to not bet, but market that the world simply signed him to a contract, in the context - these here are technical documents - to produce the desired product - hence, manufacturers may be different, but one name of the product and one of its species to determine whether generic
  • in theory, all the parameters should be consistent or the same, but in practice - it is with this in different ways, yet each manufacturer has its own production line differs often from the neighbor behind between
  • an obvious indicator of the so-called. branded products and "marketowych" is the price - usually branded to be higher

In fact, the assessment of whether something tastes good to us, whether it corresponds to us the advantages and features of the product depends only on us, our knowledge and expertise in the field, as well as of ways in which the production process itself with the manufacturer.

More and more often, if only because of the development of large retail chains involved in the construction, you can observe this phenomenon and there. Names of these networks named I will not, each of us knows them probably quite - even those large retail space located on the outskirts of the big cities in the characteristic colors: green, orange or red, sounding the German and evocative of the master, whose programs over the years allowed ordinary DIY enthusiasts feel like MacGyver substitute.

In such places we can distinguish several varieties of what I mentioned at the outset:

1. This is typically products that are advertised as "cheapest", "hit day", and the like. In one version of the manufacturer is a well-known company, but the quality is not the best - tiles at first glance can be different thickness, length of the side, and the first attempts to fit the product after purchase already "on site" shows that it is sometimes eg. the easily breakable. The second case - the most common imports from some Asian country, usually from China. In both of them for defects of the product corresponds to the supermarket not only the actor implementing, importer or manufacturer somewhere in our country. In the event of a complaint path is the following: market report it to the company from which came the purchase and subsequent message arrives in the end as I mentioned, or the plant is responsible for production in our country (f.ex in Poland) or the importer. The situation is clear - even if the product bears a name that already he does not appear, because it is a one-time, on this particular promotion

2. Packaging - the simplest speaking repackaging of products with large packaging small, that someone "pulls" on the square, as it is called, for example, sets of full truck loads. Stone and then sold in smaller packages: the 25 kg, 10 kg or less. Apparently nothing, but you can pay attention to three main groups of products:

  • those that follow the manufacturer's name
  • those that are substantially homogeneous and uniform and all of their properties are almost identical
  • those in which the manufacturer does not give the name to the assembled product

The first concerns essentially different kinds of sands, stones and other natural resources (eg. grits), which are found in the store. This is the same product as (usually) at the mine or quarry, with name, eg. Grit white dolomite, known as White Marianna. Although on-assembled productions is written, Produced and Service in the Plant of A. in place Z., is really the whole production was based on that stone thrown into a bag having these 10 kilograms and the only trouble that can happen to us, it underestimated the weight of the bag (always is written + - 5%, or eg. weight + - 0.2 kg) or admixed with other (usually cheaper "neighboring"), granulation and so. In the event of doubt as to the product itself, any technical data or other plant konfekcjonujący get anyway from the manufacturer, that is - in our example - the quarry just from the area of ??Klodzko Valley, because that's where this white grits dolomite under that name is mined.

The second one - is essentially a typical mass products of the type of nails, screwa and like that. The product is mass, most ordinary, the most popular have enough similar characteristics, that an ordinary customer would notice. Of course, every party which is in the delivery can be "prepared" on the basis of another manufacturer, but in this case the filler the company is not responsible for the quality of the goods, except for one incident - when a smaller manufacturer delivers these nails its own production. The fact that each batch is from another plant of the metal have learned each time asking the relevant declaration. In ordinary life, however, we are superfluous, and the typical parameters correspond completely to us.

The last example of the packaging and the most dangerous in terms of quality is the one in which an konfekcjonujący buys the product, and then by changing its "packaging" crosses on the market under its own brand. This happens at least three reasons:

  • none of brand-name manufacturers do not like it when - usually known - logo, name or reputation is replaced by no evokes the so-called. the wide world of anything in particular, or much less known. Essentially, such actions must be consent of headquarters of the main importer or manufacturer, if any, is in the country, and sometimes both of them.
  • responsibility for such a product will not be held because the importer or manufacturer, but bet that konfekcjonował the product. This is because it is not packaged in the original bags imprinted with "Big Companies", it is not packed to the original line, sometimes, it is not the time packing up subjected to such rigors as the original.

For us as buyers, this normally means that any complaints will be handled with the company konfekcjonującym the product, not of a branch or a representative of the "Great Manufacturer ', they can have (eg. In the case of cement or, more broadly cement based products - such as adhesives , seasonings etc.) completely different certain parameters (eg. shelf life, which is often associated with it, in which bags, and under what conditions it is packed). Those who issues and endorses all the documents, is not this "manufacturer", but the plant the goods were packed.

The third and last reason is the attempt to introduce a new product, unknown manufacturer - who introduces him under existing and already-known brand. Also in this case the full responsibility of this company, under the brand name is placed on the market for the product.

The reasons for these have been separated for a reason - the first two for some reason usually indicate some attempt to erase the wrong impression (eg. advertising campaign, a big setback, "altercation" or "misunderstanding" with another giant in the market caused by serious conflict). This may be an attempt to launch a product with slightly different properties than the "original".

This means that in this case should be careful with such a product, consider longer before a decision is made about his purchase. You should load up with everything you wrote the original producer and packer, to detect significant differences, sometimes very important for us as users (may relate to include composition, performance, or even the date of durability or shelf life). You have to have all the time at the back of the head, that while writing "The Great Producer", it is really we do it we will not have anything for us, the entity responsible for all packer. The company has changed the packaging. A reason for such behavior had to be, even though it is almost always on us unknown.

Let us always remember that our "complaints" "Great Producer" can write off the full value goods he sold, and what was then happening, that he, unfortunately, does not know, and for that responsibility. And so the chance of sounding answer is very significant, almost bordering on certainty.

The last selected case - that is unknown in our market company comes under foreign brand already known - is kind to us. Quite often you may find that we buy for relatively little money merchandise much better quality than we would have to be. This is a simple reason - essentially no "Big Producer" agreeing to something you will not want to ruin and destroy an opinion of himself by launching a junk, which is not suitable for anything other than throwing to the nearest bin. In this case, as previously, it is not the manufacturer, but the company is the filler, or more broadly - introducing the product on the market, shall be borne by the purchaser before full responsibility for its quality

3. Confection, or pretend that I produce

Sometimes you come across a shop for example. On cement, which is the mark of 32.5 and the manufacturer is not no cement, no known holding, only a company przesypownia type, or name, "nothing saying I have not seen elsewhere." It should then look for the composition, because it may turn out that the cement was created by mixing cement with a higher class of neutral filler, eg. quartz sand or another, which means that simply weakened originally bought by a packager of that commodity.

For its properties, of course, it corresponds to the filler the company, and not the original manufacturer of cement. In fact, whether and in what amount has been added can do something "inside" is the sweet mystery of this company. Likewise, how the product will behave in somewhat unusual conditions, such as when you add no other plasticizers or chemistry. Nobody knows that. One can act as a completely different time. Such products should steer clear of a wide berth, because really the only certainty is that we do not know what we buy. In fact, it is a decision of "russian roulette at your own risk."

Such a short and fairly brief review of what is offered in DIY stores under the slogan "confection" that then when the entity responsible for the quality does not match the manufacturer (sometimes the first is described as a "permanent establishment konfekcjonujący"), allows you to notice how much traps hidden behind seemingly minor changes in the name - sometimes these are bonuses, but usually something much worse, because the meaning that either a manufacturer had a problem in a specific place under his real name (here: DIY store) or sometimes - product offered is cheaper than the original, but its quality is sometimes different.

The first two cases of packaging concern in the world simply just ordinary, everyday goods in bulk, which are either comparable quality by all manufacturers, which is a plethora, or purchase them is possible only in an amount in the tens of tons, which translates into a unit revolves called "bath "wchich are weighing about 25 tons each ...

Looking for high quality product, the technical parameters strongly influence what we do, whose composition is often a decisive impact if at all we can do something, it is better to buy, paying extra few pounds, product signed originally by the "Great Manufacturer 'even in this the supermarket, or search for a company or companies that sell such products as not "made-by", "produced by", but the logo and information, that their manufacturer is the "Great" and not someone who only was packing it.

Even though the cost may be slightly higher, the quality and added value, which is linked to the fact of full responsibility by the representative of our country (if there is no plant), or the "Great Producer" - it is certainly much more valuable than the dollar or when you buy two. We know that bought the original, and not something that is trying to be.

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