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Born '77, at the moment I combine professional work with passion and deal with technology, including cement concrete, mortar, plaster.

Outside of work, professional interested in the history of the twentieth century, and "Outlaw Alaska" or a period covering the period from 60 years of the nineteenth century to the 30s of the twentieth century. For one of the historical portal I wrote several articles on the history of Polish, Klondike Gold Rush. In my library I have a collection of about 1,500 titles and dozens of historical items dating back to the eighteenth century on the binding materials and, more broadly - construction

On the same page will be posted articles concerning not only the white cement - but also the binding materials used in Europe over the centuries, how have evolved bonded plaster or mortar. It will show the old methods that were used to create mortars that have stood the test of time. In opposition to them they will be described modern methods of creating mortars, plasters imitating the old, but do not have much in common with them. I'll try to show you what to look for when buying a ready-made products, to help decipher the markings used by manufacturers, and finally indicate how you can easily and much cheaper to create own products are not worse than the former, and better than those offered in the market

You will also be outlined story cement, how to change, why it happened and how it affects what is currently in a typical bag available in DIY store.

English is not my native language, so please forgive me for the mistakes language. Please inform of those are on the email.

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